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【Special issue】Azure/AWS/Google Cloud(GCP)/OCI Service Mapping


※ Update 1st Feb, 2021

As multi-cloud computing progresses, I suppose there will be more opportunities to compare various cloud services.

This time, I'd like to try to make a cloud service (Azure/AWS/Google Cloud/OCI) mapping chart to collect my thoughts.




Azure/AWS/Google Cloud(GCP)/OCI Service Mapping


  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Marketplace Azure Marketplace AWS Marketplace Google Cloud Marketplace Oracle Cloud Marketplace



  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Relational Database (PaaS) SQL Database Amazon Aurora -

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service


Azure SQL Managed Instance

SQL Database

Amazon RDS for SQL Server Cloud SQL for SQL Server -

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL -

Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server

Amazon RDS for MySQL Cloud SQL for MySQL Oracle MySQL Database Service
  Azure Database for MariaDB Amazon RDS for MariaDB - -
  Azure OCI Interconnection Amazon RDS for Oracle - Oracle Exadata Cloud Service
  Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale (Citus) - - -
NewSQL (PaaS) - - Cloud Spanner -
NoSQL (PaaS) Azure Cosmos DB Amazon DynamoDB Cloud Bigtable NoSQL Database
  Azure Table Storage Amazon SimpleDB Firestore -
  Azure Cosmos DB (Cassandra) Amazon Keyspaces - -
Graph (PaaS) Azure Cosmos DB (Gremlin) Amazon Neptune - -
Document (PaaS) Azure Cosmos DB (MongoDB) Amazon DocumentDB (MongoDB 互換) Firebase Realtime Database Oracle Autonomous JSON Database
Time Series (PaaS) Azure Time Series Insights Amazon Timestream - -
Cache (PaaS) Azure Cache for Redis Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Memorystore for Redis -
  - Amazon ElastiCache for Memcached Memorystore for Memcached -
Database Migration Service Azure Database Migration Service AWS Database Migration Service - Move to the Oracle Cloud
edge-optimized SQL database engine Azure SQL Edge - - -




  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Authentication Azure Active Directory AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Cloud Identity and Access Management(IAM) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management
  Azure Active Directory Domain Services AWS Directory Service Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory -
  Azure Active Directory B2C Amazon Cognito Firebase Authentication -
Data Protection Azure Information Protection Amazon Macie Cloud Data Loss Prevention -



  Azure AWS  Google Cloud OCI
Web Application App Service Elastic Beanstalk App Engine Oracle Java Cloud Service
  Web App for Containers Elastic Beanstalk App Engine Oracle Java Cloud Service
Virtual Private Server (VPC) App Service Lightsail - -
Static Web Application Static Web Apps Amplify App Engine -
Mobile Application Mobile Apps Amplify App Engine (Firebase) Mobile Hub
API Development API Apps API Gateway Apigee API Management
Real-time communications Azure SignalR Service - - -
Managed Spring Boot Azure Spring Cloud - - -



  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Virtual Machine Azure Machines Amazon EC2 Compute Engine Virtual Machines
Autoscaling Virtual Machine Scale Sets AWS Auto Scaling Managed Instance Groups AutoScaling
Kubernetes Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Google Kubernetes Engine Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes
Container Orchestrator Container Instances Amazon Elastic Container Service Cloud Run -

Azure Service Fabric

Service Fabric Mesh

AWS App Mesh Anthos Service Mesh -
Function as a Service Azure Functions AWS Lambda Cloud Functions Oracle Cloud Functions
Batch Azure Batch AWS Batch - -
HPC Cluster Management Azure CycleCloud AWS ParallelCluster - Oracle Bare Metal Server



  Azure AWS  Google Cloud OCI
DDoS Azure DDoS Protection(Basic) AWS Shield Google Cloud Armor DDoS Protection
Security Assessment Azure Security Center Amazon Inspector Security Command Center Oracle Cloud Guard
Threat Detection Azure Security Center (Azure Advanced Threat Protection) Amazon GuardDuty Security Command Center Oracle Cloud Guard
SEIM/SOAR Azure Sentinel AWS Security Hub - -
Sensitive data detection/protection Azure Information Protection Amazon Macie Cloud Data Loss Prevention -
Anti-Virus/Anti-malware Azure Defender - - -
Just in Time Virtual Machine Access Azure Defender - - -
HSM Azure Dedicated HSM AWS CloudHSM Classic Cloud HSM -
Key Management Azure Key Vault AWS Key Management Service Cloud Key Management Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault
Confidential information Management Azure Key Vault AWS Secrets Manager Secret Manager Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault
Private CA - AWS Certificate Manager Private CA Certificate Authority Service -
Certificate Management App Service Certificate AWS Certificate Manager Managed SSL Certificate -
Attestation Services Microsoft Azure Attestation - - -
Compliance/Audit Reports Service Trust Portal AWS Artifact Compliance Reports Manager Compliance

*4 *5



  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Object Storage Blob Storage Amazon S3

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage for Firebase

Object Storage
Virtual Machine Disk Azure Disk Storage Amazon Elastic Block Store Persistent Disk, Local SSD Block Volume
File Storage

Azure Files

Azure NetApp Files

Amazon Elastic File System

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Filestore File Storage Service
  Microsoft 365 (OneDrive) Amazon WorkDocs Drive Enterprise -
Archive Azure Archive Storage Amazon S3 Glacier/S3 Glacier Deep Archive Archive Storage Archive Storage
Message Queue Queue Storage Amazon Simple Queue Service - -
Data Lake Azure Data Lake Storage - - -
Big data sharing Azure Data Share AWS Lake Formation - -

Azure FXT Edge Filer

Avere vFXT for Azure

Azure HPC Cache

Amazon FSx for Lustre - -
Hybrid Cloud Storage StorSimple AWS Storage Gateway - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Gateway
Backup Management Azure Backup AWS Backup - -
Bulk data transfer Azure Data Box

AWS Snowcone

AWS Snowball

AWS Snowmobile

Transfer Appliance Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Transfer Appliance


Virtual Desktop

  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for Azure

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Virtual Desktops -
  VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure VMware Cloud on AWS Google Cloud VMware Engine Oracle Cloud VMware Solution


(User Profile)

Azure Files

Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint)

Azure NetApp Files

Amazon WorkDocs Google Workspace -



  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Workflow Logic Apps AWS Step Functions Workflows -
Events Services Event Grid Amazon EventBridge Cloud Pub/Sub Oracle Cloud Events Service
Messaging Services Service Bus Amazon Simple Queue Service Cloud Pub/Sub -
API Management API Management Amazon API Gateway Apigee API Gateway
FHIR Azure API for FHIR FHIR Works on AWS Cloud Healthcare API -



  Azure AWS Google Cloud OCI
Data Warehouse Azure Synapse Analytics Dedicated SQL Pool Amazon Redshift BigQuery Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
Big data sharing Azure Data Share AWS Lake Formation - -



This time, I created a cloud service (Azure/AWS/Google Cloud(GCP)/OCI) mapping chart in only some categories. I will expand other categories in the future.


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*1: Please note that this information is current as of January 2021, and may contain personal subjectivity, or the services may not be exactly the same, or the corresponding services may have been omitted.

*2:The categories are divided based on  Azure products

*3:Google Cloud Spanner is a service equivalent to Azure SQL Database, Amazon Aurora, and Oracle Autonomous, but listed as a NewSQL category.

*4:Azure DDoS Protection (Standard) is a service in which Microsoft security engineers monitor the virtual network to be protected, and in case of an attack, proactive analysis is performed; normal estimates are calculated by Azure DDos Protection (Basic).

*5:OCI DDos Protection is protected in all data centers as well as other cloud services.